Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emafe's Giveaway!

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Thank you for doing this gievaway Emafe! its so generous of you!
More power and stay in love!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

NOTW and My January Damage! LOL..its a HAUL

Hi dearests!

I'm back with a haul.  From now on, I'll be doing a monthly haul.  That's easier than hauling every time I shop.
I've been bad...I shopped! I think I'm starting to be a shopaholic..OH NO!  I must stop this. LOL

Here are the items I bought this month.

I bought nail art stuffs!  I found this nail polishes with thin brushes at R.Hortaleza.  It's our Sally's beauty supply here in the Philippines.  It cost me 25 pesos for each bottle. Along with that, I also bought a golden nail polish.  This one is Caronia in Golden Sun.  I was planning to buy a yellow milky color but this one cought my eye! it's love at first swatch!  Lastly, I bought this Sassy nailpolish with thin brush as well in Isetan Carriedo for 22 pesos.  It's in the shade metallic purple.

I am soo happy with these purchase because I can do nail art with breeze! oh! I almost forgot, I bought a Bobbie Top coat but I forgot to take a picture of it.  I bougt one because my Chic topcoat is always chipping on me!

I stumbled upon these stud earrings at one of the sidewalks of my town.  These three pairs cost me only 10 pesos.  Cool huh?
 I was in Mandaluyong for a consultation for our thesis when I went to a R. Hortaleza store to buy some sponges for my friends photoshoot when I saw this Careline lipgloss.  This one is different from the other Careline lipglosses in SM because this one comes with a different packaging.  This one comes with a test tube kind of packaging.  I saw this in a haul by Trina (bestsoylatteandme).  I really wan to get this one when I saw it in her video.  The color is 107 and its a pretty baby pink color.  This one is only 60 pesos.

lovely swatch for a lovely lip gloss :)
cute isn't it?
 I finally bought the most raved brushes by Pinay gurus in Youtube and in Blogs, the Marionaud Brushes.  True enough, it is brush made for beauty junkies like me. ^^,
Marionnaud N37 pointed brush

N38 slanted eyeliner and brow brush

closer look of the spoolie :)

the eyeliner brush
 I bought this cute bow headband near our school for 25 pesos.  I feel that my hair needed a little boost so I bought a headband to look pretty.LOL

Cute pink stuffs that I bought. Silk secrets paper soap and Bench's daily scent in Happy Hour
The paper soaps are 3 for 15 pesos and the cologne is 16 pesos for the sample size.
Ever Bilena Advance Crean Eyeshadow in Larissa
I use this as an eyeliner and I must say it's very pigmented!  I might do an in depth review of this product in my next post.
green color of the set

black creme eyeshadow

 I'm leaving you guys with my NOTW commemorating my school's 400th celebration! I study at University of Santo Tomas. GO TIGERS!!

Till next time, dearests!!

P.S.  Hi to Jen of questjen!thanks for following my blog! I feel so honored by your presence in my blog ^^,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

REVIEW: Sassy Nail Art

Sassy colors is a cheap nail polish brand in my place.  I was so excited when I discovered their nail art thingies!   Sadly I dont have alll of the colors but I'm planning on collecting them.  They can be a dupe for artdeco's!

Product picture.  This one is purple with glitters on it

playing around with the product :)
  • affordable only cost me 22 pesos
  • locally available, purchased mine at Isetan Carriedo
  • pigmented for the price
  • does not easily chips
  • super thin brush, perfect for nail art junkies
fine look at the brush

  • limited color selection
  • a bit thick for my taste

MY RATING:  I really like this product.  I like it so much that I don't care about the cons of it!  I recommend this product and will definitely repurchase it!  I just need to find a long lasting top coat though. HELP! need suggestions :)


Random Nails of the week :)

Here are some of my random NOTW rotting in my lappy
  • Glitter Nails


  • Glitter french tips
   A bit grainy at some parts but its bearable.  I got this idea from bubzbeauty and simplified for my                         taste

PRODUCTS USED:  Chic topcoat/ basecoat and silver glitters

  • Simple French Tip

PRODUCTS USED: Caress regular Nail polish in Satisfaction, Caronia in white satin and Chic Topcoat/basecoat

  • Attempted Nail Art 

                 Played around with nail art pens :)

Sorry if I don't update my blog as much.  I'm so busy in school and so many deadlines to catch so little time.  I promise to update more often after I've finish all my school works after all, school is COOL.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

NOTW: January 16, 2011

Hi lovelies! sorry I have been MIA lately. Its just that I'm so busy this month due to the fact that I'm graduating and everything is in fast forward mode.LOL

To make up for absence, I am presenting to you my NOTW. YEY!!!
This is my first trying out gradient nails.

There not perfect but I love them!


Allue nail polish in Purple Punk
Caress Nail Polish in Neon Purple
Bobbie Nail Polish in Purple Dazzle
Chic topcoat and basecoat
nail glitter decals