Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hi Girlies!

I'm back with a another lipstick review! This time its from Maybelline's Creamy Mattes Brown Edition.

If you're a lipstick junkie like me, I'm sure that you've heard that last July 29th was International Lipstick Day and at the same time, Maybelline released their Creamy Mattes Brown Edition. (I'm sure it's just another marketing scheme that make up companies came up with, but who am I to complain with all that discounts, right?) 

I'm not really into brown and nude shades because those shades always wash me out but boy I was wrong. The collection is composed of brown shades with different undertones and I finally found the right nude shades for my skin tone.

So, here are the swatches from Beauty MNL where I got my 2 lipsticks (I got Daringly Nude, Clay Crush and Touch of Spice). I bought three but touch of spice was sold out on the site. I got mine from Shopwise :P

Source: www.beautymnl.com
According to the ads, the collection will only be available on the site and will be released in their physical stores after a month. But, I later on found out that some malls already had it and it was also included in their 50% off sale. I got ripped off but I really don't have time to go to malls since I work night shifts. Well, working night shifts has it perks though. Like for this instance, I was wide awake the time they launched it around 12 am. Of course, I immediately bought two even though I don't need them. LOL

The transaction was really fast. The fastest in my opinion. Usually, they deliver the product 2-3 days after you ordered it. I got these babies that afternoon. 

Oh did I mention that I got a full size Dove Deodorant and 2 sample sachet of their new shampoo and conditioner? One of the reason why I always order from them.

The Review:


from Pinterest

I find the packaging sleek and sturdy.


I got it for 199 pesos and plus shipping fee of 50 pesos which is totally reasonable.
On a regular day, these lipsticks usually retail for 299 pesos. Not bad right?

Opacity (Color Pay Off):

The color is true to its bullet. One swipe is all you need!

Touch of Spice on my lips

From top to bottom: Daringly Nude, Clay Crush and Touch of Spice


As expected from Maybelline lipsticks, they are not long wearing but you get a good 3-5 hours out of your first application. I really don't mind retouching though that's why its fine with me. 

What bothers me is that this line tends to dry on me. Unlike their color sensational lipstick in the black packaging which is very moisturizing.

Overall Verdict:

I really like these lipsticks since they tend to give you that fresh look that is very natural. Sabi nga nila blooming ako which I rarely get from brown and nude lipsticks. Most of the time, they will ask me if I'm sick. LOL

The range of colors are superb. I love that they have shades that suits different skin tone.

I just don't like it's drying after a long wear even though I used lip balm before applying it.

All in all, It;s 8 out of 10 for me. I really like this product and will definitely repurchase especially touch of spice.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Loreal Star Collection Pure Reds Lipstick Review

After a loooonggggg hiatus, I'm finally back with a lipstick review! This is for the Loreal Star Collection Pure Reds Lipstick Collection. This collection caters to different kinds of reds.

I don't know about you but red lipsticks are a staple for me. Give a girl the right shade of red lipstick and she could conquer the world! That is why I'm always on the haunt to find the best red lipstick out there that is suitable for Filipina gals like me. I tried all kinds of reds but a red lipstick with a bluish undertone really brings out the best in me. (Naks!)

I heard a lot of good reviews about this collection and when I found out that they were having a sale. I just couldn't resist! I bought mine at BeautyMNL.com for 299 plus shipping. I couldn't risk on not finding stocks of the most talked about shade by my colleagues. I got mine in the shade Pure Rouge since my team mates swear by it. According to them, this is their holy grail and they even have back-ups! Plus, it was a good deal since I got a lot of freebies from my



I was curious by their review that I decided to give it try and here is my verdict:


·         Packaging is really sleek and sturdy

·         The actual bullet goes all the way down and will not get damaged when closing the cap


·         This normally retail for 400 pesos or more, but you can always wait for their sale because the price goes all the way down to 280 pesos.

Opacity (Color Pay-off):

·         This lipstick is true to its bullet. It was love at first swatch!

·         It’s really long lasting! I applied mine before going to work and it stayed all throughout the shift. It did fade a little bit around the inner corners after eating and drinking. It also bled a little bit, thus wearing a lipliner is a must.

start of the shift around 9 pm
after eating and drinking (almost end of the shift at 6 am)

closer look

Overall Verdict:

10/10 rating!

  • I love how opaque it is and the shade is really up on my alley. It suits my complexion and makes my teeth whiter!
  • Its long lasting 
  • really worth its price! 
  • will definitely repurchase and buy other shades in the collection

So there you go girls! I highly recommend this product for beginners and lip junkies like me! A must have in every girls collection.