Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prettyholic is having her giveaway!

Hi guys! One of my fave pinay guru is engaged! so happy for her! and she is doing a giveaway because of that!

Prettyholic is so generous with the prizes! I could just die!

Here is a pic of the wonderful prizes!

awesome right? you can visit her blog for more info!



I tried doing a make-up look for celebrating the New Year 2011.  This year is special for me because i will finally graduate college at our school's quadricetennial anniversay. 

Since purple is my fave color, I incorporated it to the look along with some glitters to open up the eyes.

Finished look! :)

closer look at the eyes

my lashes here are so long! thanks to in2it's xtra long mascarra

  • GLITTER eyeliner lilac pencil for my sticky base (all over the lid and lower lashline)
  • lanmei pigments in 31 and 56
  • modelista glitter liner in white (inner corners)
  • in2it cute eyeshadow in CE C2 AQUA ( used the white one)
  • nichido single eyeshadow in soft black (outer V)
  • in2it xtra long mascara in black
  • in2it black liquid eyeliner in black (upper lashline)
  • nichido two way cake in natural
  • allue blush in dessert blush (for contouring)
  • nichido mousse blush in pink champagne (apples of the cheek)
  • everbilena advance foundation stick in Miel (concealing)
  • ever bilena deluze lipstick in 112
  • revlon super lustrous lipgloss in pearl plum

wishing you guys a happy, fruitful and safe 2011!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

April Athena7"s blog giveaway!

One of my fave yt guru is having a giveaway!

you can enter here:


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hail To the HAUL #2: Quiapo, Manila

So here is my second haul guys. I went to the streets of Quiapo and bought some stuff here and there. mostrly from Wellmanson's. If you're in the place, I suggest you check them out. It's an awesome store for accessories!!

Let's get started!!

I found a fringe holder! so cool right? only 30 pesos and its so cute! Now I can do my make up in peace like youtube gurus....harhar

A ribbon earrings. I removed the dangly part and placed it on another earring hook.VOILA! two earrings in one :)

I was planning to make my own earring with these. unfortunately, I lost the pack full of rings so I have to get another pack. The flat hooks costs 15 pesos per 100pcs and the rings costs 12 pesos per 30 pcs.

This is my favorite purchase of all time! this bracelet is actually deep reddish purple but somehow it looks soo purple here. What i love about these is the snaps, its magnets! cool huh? and the second cool part is that it fits my wrists perfectly! no need to adjust. I have puny wrists that's why its a miracle to find jewelry that fits me. This one costs 30 pesos per piece.

This two antique necklaces are my last purchase of the day. The camera costs 58 pesos at wellmanson's. I love the entricate detail on this one. If you look closely, it has a tripod, a flash thingy and a film. so cool!
the second necklace is an owl. I bought this because it reminds me of our college mascot. The owl symbolizes knowedge. This particuar owl costs 60 pesos.
Looking back at this haul, I find it similar to Trina's haul. She influences me a lot!!
have a nice day everyone!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Beautiful Encounter #1: God

I just got back from a retreat and I want to blog about this fresh from my life changing trip. Our batch went to Calaruega, Batangas. It is known for retreats and weddings and most of all, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.I've never been to a retreat before. Yes, even when I was in 4th year highschool. Since our school is not a Catholic school that is why we never do such things. Although, the school was dominated by Catholics. I, being one of them. We only do recollection before graduating. I was having mixed emotions going to this trip. I even said I don't want to go but God did everything that will make me go on this trip. Here are the things he did:

  1. he included my retreat in my tuition.

  2. convinced my mom to allow me go after much deliberation

  3. got us there safely :)

And I am thankful He did that. It changed my life forever. Here are the things I have realized after retreat:

  1. Nothing in this world is perminent but change. Im graduating soon and fears about Huge change comes my way.

  2. I'm really gonna be GRADUATING! in three months time, Im gonna leave UST. The university that allowed me to be and to dream. The place I've met my friends, classmates and good professors and pretty soon I met gonna see them again or atleast everyday like we used to. Some will migrate and others will be distant. I will never see them regularly. But I know that we will never forget each other for we made a permanent mark on our hearts.

  3. I encountered GOD in Calaruega. He gave me more motivation to face those changes in my life that I know will be hard.

  4. I must change my bad habits now before they turn perminent.

  5. Life is not a buffet. A buffet where you will eat everything you want and can't eat the best food you've ever tasted because you ate too much already. You made bad choices.

  6. You can be friends with priests! Hi father allen and father ziggy!

I hope you friends can visit Calaruega in Batangas and experience the wonderful things that I experienced.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

REVIEW: Sophie Magic Cream Blush

I've been on a hunt for a cheek tint that will really stay on me for the whole day. I tried careline's & herbench's lip and cheek stain but with no luck. It was difficult for me to use that product. It's not easy to blend and looks like I have rashes. LOL.

Luckily, I found one that will be my HG cheek stain! It's Sophie Magic Cream Blush. I've been eyeing on this since I read it on a thread on So many raved about it!

It's magic because from white cream it transforms into pink in seconds.


  • very affordable and locally available. For only 70 pesos you can avail this awesome product. Just contact your Sophie dealer. I got mine from my classmate's dormie :)
  • very pigmented
  • stays throughout the day. I did not even re-applied it. amazing.
  • gives you that naturally glow. My guy classmate said that it's just like your cold ( we we're in our A/C classroom that time.LOL)


* I don't have negative to say yet about this product beause it does not fail me yet.

RATING: 5/5! definitely my holy grail! :)

Tell me what you think about this product. Leave a comment or link your review on it if you have one.



Monday, November 15, 2010

DIY: bow rings

I am so addicted to bow right now. Well, I really love bows...and stars! LOL

Recently, I bought bow hair accessories and then I realized I must love bow because I have so many of them. The one thing that I dont have is a bow ring. Ever since I saw Prettyholic wearing one, I began my hunt for a ring like that. :))
Here is a pic of prettyholic wearing her bow ring. My inpiration for this project. :)
Here is my take on them. Hope you like it!


  • pair of scissors
  • satin ribbon
  • leather strap or a ring of your choice ( i used a leather strap I bought at a street at my school. It was only 10 pesos)
  • needle
  • thread


First.fold the ribbon to form a bow. You decide how big the bow will be. I fold mine in 4. Second, sew the middle of the bow. Lastly, attach the bow unto the straps. I sew mine but if you like you can hot glue it. I sew mine for steadier application.

You can now enjoy your DIY ring! :)

goodluck :)



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YT Guru for a day: My face routine

So, I saw makeupvideosandmore's holiday contest video and i decided that I should give it a try.

Here's my foundation routine ( if I'm not late for school. LOL)

Start with toning my face with Eskinol Whitening Facial Cleanser.

Followed by priming and moisturizing the skin with Garnier Light Complete. I also use this is an eyeshadow primer. :)

then start applying the foundation. Here I am using Avon matte mouse foundation in Almond
Conceal blemishes and under eye circles. Here, I am using Ever Bilena's Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Miel

Seal it all in with a powder.

On to the blush, I am using Nichido cheek mouse blush in Pink Champagne and on top of it is Nichido Powder Blush in Sunkissed.

On to the eyes, I use shimmer eyeshadow to add sparkle and winged eyeliner for that defined look.
Add whiteyeliner on the water line for that dolly look.

On to the lips, prime lips with lipbalm and add lip color. In here, I used Chapstick Classic and Avon Ultra Colour lipstick in mellow magenta.
The final look....

Lessons learned:
  1. Its not easy to do beauty videos on YT. I salute all beauty gurus out there!
  2. Its hard to edit.LOL
  3. I appreciate beauty gurus more for they put lots of effort to share their knowledge to us.

Here is the video version. Don't laugh okay? its my first time. LOL


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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nails Of The Day

You guys might not know this but I am in love with nail polishes! I want my nails to be clean, perky and cute all at the same time. That is why I always find time to do my nails. Here are my nails during the past few weeks or so.

I love love this nail polish. its elianto color laquer in Turquoise. Cute isn't it? I got it for 90 pesos at Elianto MOA branch.

This is a picture of my current nail I got creative and did French tips.


Chic basecoat

Caress in Diamond Gay

Caronia in White Satin

Chic colorless as topcoat

Here is a picture of me commemorating Glee's wonderful episode of the week (Rocky Horror).

Thank you for all the warm comments that i received from you guys! I never thought that people actually read my blog. Thank you so much. :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hail to the HAUL!

This is my first haul post ever! So, last Saturday, my mom and I went to BF, Paranaque to have her Thai massage. I accompanied her because she told me that there is a Korean grocery store nearby. Being a KPOP fanatic that I am, I immediately went to the store upon parking. The sales attendant is so nice and helpful. She would answer all my queries for I can't understand Korean myself. I ended up buying cool Korean snacks, instant noodles and magic towel ( I saw it at saytiocoartillero's blog) .
The snacks are surprisingly good! Especially the ice-cream sticks! You can get the ice-creams for four pieces at Php 100! Cool right? I do not have a picture for I finished mine up. It soo yummy :)

Here are magic towels that I am talking about. Looks like aspirins right?LOL. When you soak them in water, it magically transforms into a wet towels! You can check out saytiocoartillero's video using this product. It's soo amazing I tell ya. For this pack, it costs 30 pesos. You can also get them at a pack of 50 and so on.

After that, we went to Good Shepherds Bazaar formerly known as Ruins.

I bought this one for 10 pesos! cool right?

This one too is ten pesos! and it comes with 4 pairs of hoop earrings.

Cute wedge right? this my fave purchase of all! My feet are so puny that I rarely get the chance to have cute shoes that fit me. So, when my mom found this I am soo screamin in my head "Hell yeah!". I got these cute wedge shoes for 400 pesos each.

Next morning, my friend and I went to our school to get our clearance. We decided to check Wellmansons in Quiapo since we're passing that place when we go to school. My cousin's birthday is coming up this November so I decided to buy her a gift. I bought my cousin and I matching necklaces since we practically are sisters!

This is the only purchase I have because I found the place when we are about to go home. But I will definitely go back there! That place is a dream! you can buy your DIY accessories parts there for a low price!

We also went to the clearance SM mall in Quiapo. I think everything is cheap out there. I am such a cheapo! So, I bought myself a Nichido mousse blush in Pink champagne. Here are some swatches and pictures of the product.

Oh! I almost forgot. I got this baby at 50% off!! Original price is 168 pesos and I got them for only 84 pesos. ^^,

My dog fell asleep waiting for me to finish taking pictures. LOL

Is that a two headed dog? nahh. the little guy is Flappy's daughter.

Pictures will be better soon. I promise.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!