Monday, April 9, 2012

REVIEW: Charcoal mask from Saizen

Just like other girls, blackheads are one of my pet peeves! Yes you can conceal them with make-up but on days that you want to be all natural, blackheads can be your worst nightmare. Ever since I got them I made every efforts to destroy them. I never stopped experimenting on products that promise to get rid off them.

I heard lots of raves with this peeling mask from youtube and blogger that when I finally have the chance to go to Saizen, I immediately search for it. This is a Japanese product so I can't exactly tell what's written on the packaging but base from the drawing, you'll know what's this is for. Thank God for drawings on Japanese products!

I learned about this product from thiamere. I like her reviews because they are honest and thorough reviews. I was impressed so I tried one for myself.

 Just start with a clean face and then packed on to your problem areas. I do like to put this on my nose because that's the only part where I have tons of blackheads. I use this once a week and it literally minimized my blackheads.

After five minutes or so, the mask will look like a film. That's an indicator that it is now ready to be peeled off. I don't if you can tell but this mask peeled off a good amount of my blackheads. Quite impressive.

The verdict:

  • it did not broke me out.
  • it really got rid of my blackheads
  • easy to use
  • affordable! only costs Php 85

  •  hard to find. only available at Saizen. I bought mine at SM North Edsa and I live in South!

Will I repurchase? yep but I will still be on a mission to find a good substitute since I don't have a Saizen store nearby :)

Hugs and Kisses.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeding My Shopaholic Tendencies( HAUL)

Hi lovelies! I've been bad this month. I bought a lot of things and I usually don't!LOL May be I'm just not used to buy things with my own money. My mom usually pays the things I get. I never thought I would be so frugal when it comes to my own money. :)

So here are things that I bought for this month. I just got the things that I think I need. hehe. Seriously, I'm beginning to sound like a shopaholic.

Since I'm transitioning to corporate chic to stylish casual chic (ahem ahem. well that's my goal. LOL ), I bought this sling bag in bold orange. I instantly thought of color blocking when I saw this bag! I looked at the price and oh boy! this one is  a steal! I bought this for Php 399.75 at SM Department Store. Surprisingly, this is from their Parisian brand. They are really starting to caught my attention this past few days! talk about being trendy without breaking your wallet!

I first picked up a purple backpack with the same price since I'm starting to like those kinds of bags nowadays. Good thing my mom was looking at the bag beside this one! hallelujah!

You can also turn this one into a shoulder bag! amazing :P

 After grabbing the bag I checked out their wedges, just to see the designs. I did not plan to buy shoes but I'm craving for wedges this past few months so I bought this one. It's a strappy turquoise wedge which is perfect summer! I got this from a brand called effegi. It's very difficult to get pretty shoes my size since I'm a size five. That is why when this fits me, I immediately fell in love!
I got this for Php 800 since its discounted.

My mom bought this one which I thought of borrowing. sneaky sneaky :)

On to my first love, make-up products. I only got what I needed since I have a ton of lippies and eye shadows. Well, not super a lot but a lot for my usage since I'm not a make-up artist. I only bought a mascara from Covergirl. Got this one on line at Chedelyn's Cosmetics Collection for Php 300. Cool huh?

The deep red liner is form etude house. I got this for Php 98.

This feather earrings is something that I bought when I was passing by our wet market. I got this for Php 50.

 Lastly, I got the Dove conditioner. I tried it when I my mom lend me her conditioner when I was running low of my Creamsilk conditioner. It was love at first try! It gave my hair moisture that my hair longed for! I got the wrong though. I was supposed to get the conditioner + treatment but I thought its the same because they just added gloss to the packaging of the conditioner + treatment. Works just the same though :)

That's it! See... I've been a good girl pa rin naman a! It feels happy when you buy things with your hard earned money. Makes me feel independent.

Till next time lovelies!

Hugs and Kisses,


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Sophie j'adore lipsticks

Hi lovelies! Here is a review of Sophie's j'adore lipstick. I have three of these: summer pink, ice pink and russian red.

Swatching time! (Please excuse my ugly lips. LOL)

russian red

summer pink

ice pink

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: russian red, ice pink and summer pink

I've been using these babies for several months now and here are thoughts.

  • super affordable! only costs Php 79
  • a good matte lipstick
  • not drying
  • good pigmentation, reminds me of NYX Round Lipsticks but I can't still compare side by side since I don't have one but the colors are similar. Don't you think so?
  • lasts up to 6 hours
  • may be hard to find since it's not available in your local malls. you have to contact your Sophie dealer to by these or you can see them here
  • the etchings on the packaging wears off after 2 weeks. see photo below
Will I re-purchase? hell yeah! awesome product for the price and I can't complain! they've been my go to lipsticks for several months now. I highly recommend this lipsticks!

Till next time!

Hugs and kisses,


NOTW: rainbow polka dots french tip

Hi there lovelies! I'm back after a year of being MIA. I have returned with a nail art tutorial. This is my first so please excuse my errors LOL. This NOTW was inspired by my favorite nail blogger thiamere. I bought a dotter because of her. :) 

I really love nail polishes! It all started when I was thirteen. My mom finally allowed me to wear nail polishes and I bought my first nail kit as well.

Enough with the story telling! here's the tutorial :P

Start by applying your base color. I used a pinkish nude but you can use any color you want. The colorful the better, right?

Here's the fun part, the tips! You can use a dotter tool just like I did but if you don't have one you can use a tooth pick and achieve the same effect. Just dot the insides of your tip. :)

justnail dotter tool from 168 mall :)

Start with the most vibrant color you have so that it will be easier for you to contrast your multi-colored dots. I started with this pinkish red color and with this turquoise color.

 Caronia summer fling and elianto turqouise

Just dot away with your beautiful colors! Go crazy just like I did. You can add as many colors as you want. The more colorful the dots, the better! :) Sorry for I do not have pictures of my nails while doing dots. Dotting is so much fun that I completely forgot! silly me :P

Enjoy your beautiful nails just like you :)

Hugs and kisses,