Monday, April 9, 2012

REVIEW: Charcoal mask from Saizen

Just like other girls, blackheads are one of my pet peeves! Yes you can conceal them with make-up but on days that you want to be all natural, blackheads can be your worst nightmare. Ever since I got them I made every efforts to destroy them. I never stopped experimenting on products that promise to get rid off them.

I heard lots of raves with this peeling mask from youtube and blogger that when I finally have the chance to go to Saizen, I immediately search for it. This is a Japanese product so I can't exactly tell what's written on the packaging but base from the drawing, you'll know what's this is for. Thank God for drawings on Japanese products!

I learned about this product from thiamere. I like her reviews because they are honest and thorough reviews. I was impressed so I tried one for myself.

 Just start with a clean face and then packed on to your problem areas. I do like to put this on my nose because that's the only part where I have tons of blackheads. I use this once a week and it literally minimized my blackheads.

After five minutes or so, the mask will look like a film. That's an indicator that it is now ready to be peeled off. I don't if you can tell but this mask peeled off a good amount of my blackheads. Quite impressive.

The verdict:

  • it did not broke me out.
  • it really got rid of my blackheads
  • easy to use
  • affordable! only costs Php 85

  •  hard to find. only available at Saizen. I bought mine at SM North Edsa and I live in South!

Will I repurchase? yep but I will still be on a mission to find a good substitute since I don't have a Saizen store nearby :)

Hugs and Kisses.


kerker said...

wow it looks kinda gross but it does it job!

Arrienne said...

Hi!! ^_^ I adore some Saizen products as well! Love this review! I haven't tried this though~

By the way, the comment you left about my Bandwagon Look: Ribbons the shoes are from Parisian in SM North Edsa

LOVE: Arrienne

fallen_angel said...

Arienne, you should try it. it does the job for me. tamad lang ako gawing every week hehe:)

fallen_angel said...

kerker, yep, you should try it if you have the chane :)

Dianne said...

Hi. I just bought this yesterday though I haven't tried it. Hope it'll be as effective for me. Anyway, I also live in the South and I got mine from Pavilion mall in Binan, Laguna. Saizen is also in Market! Market! and Robinsons Manila, so you won't have to go all the way to SM North :)

kat said...

I would love to try this out too!:)

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